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Food twister. Clever idea. I love how you use contrasting shapes (sharp and rounded) in your drawings to exaggerated effect. Now, I mus...

Right off, there's a bit of clashing tense which I see but I'll try to ignore it. @_@ That was...horny?...something like that. LOL. Nau...

...uh scare me. *tickles* But I'll read on...figured the ending was coming. Not a whole lot to say. I can see how this ...


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I really only talked about the first topic I wanted to get into last night so I wanted to save it for subsequence journals where I might be able to reflect on them at length. First of all, I had to take my dad to the dentist and make plans for myself because upcoming December is the best time to use one’s dental privileges because you get more back in January then. It’s good for lining up a lot of stuff which might be expensive.

Napped a lot in the afternoon and I was delighted to learn that I still actually have a not-insignificant amount of money left over from this week because I tried my best to be frugal even with some expenses hitting. The main thing I need to remember to deal with tomorrow is the frustrating insurance which looks like it still hasn’t cancelled dad’s payment and I need to figure out why mine didn’t go down as much as I wanted. I will be faxing some paperwork for them before the day is out for part of what they need but we’ll also need to place calls to them about this situation as well. Or we say goodbye to them because I’m just amazed how expensive they are compared to other services out there. Geez.

Anyway, that’s life stuff which will be dealt with. We could potentially just have a pizza on Friday night on the cheap and that will be all we need to purchase “new” wise aside from leftovers and stuff we can just make/heat-up/etc. We still haven’t really tested our oven in a long time but it would be good if it was still a working one.

Alright, I brought up the importance of character-centering when writing. To finish it off, I just want to say that when I write something in a story it typically has to go back to the character when I think about its significance and where it leads things. I focused on some aspects of building characters but I also wanted to mention one of my big challenges and that’s when we take a character from their point of introduction to the next steps they follow through on the story.

There are a couple of different archetypes of character motion I develop in my tales which I have noticed.

Type 1 – The blank – This is what I may have referred to with respect to my first-person stories. These characters fall into sub-groups “The Zappy Target”, “The Enigma”, and the “Narrator”. Zappy Targets tend to rely on archetypes. I will take aspects of friends or my own personality and just put them in a particular situation. It gets weird, then it gets weirder. Usually, their response to the weirdness in the first person which varies between irritation, acceptance, curiosity, and outright horror is the map onto which they might develop as a character from a blank. Sometimes a blank as I’ve said is distinguished in how their relationships with others and how they feel about them reveal aspects of their personality. When I sought out to create Risa in Worlds of Dreams I knew that style would be an overriding part of her experience because I set out to write something equivalent to a dream within my experience. You’re somewhere and you have a vague sense at the moment of how you got there, you note certain things but you can’t quite figure out how they work. There are things you feel strongly about and you might act contrary. Like I was very mad as Stephen King for reasons I didn’t quite understand in one of my dreams. So I turned him into a nice old lady. Then I had to choop and pee on a flower in a bathroom. When you want to put that into something like a story you can either really go weird into something like the Naked Lunch or the odder chapters of Ulysses but I found those a little too extreme. I wanted to hit the feels of those but not too heavily. For some out there, it worked, for others, well hopefully subsequence works will hopefully allow readers to look back and get a better sense of things.

Continuing with my point, however, Risa is something of a blank even though she’s depicted in the third person. A truer blank would be Sean in the Puzzle Box….amnesia tends to leave a character blank. Enigmas are ones which appear blank but you find out they hold secrets from you, are unrealiable narrators…etc. And then Narrators are ones that fall into the Kelly category of the observer. He’s our eyes and he has his own slant but also perhaps some of his own secrets as well. I would say that one of my self-conscious flaws is as I have noted, I have always endeavored to create characters in the first person which are from either unflattering or different aspects of me when I try to sample them into a character. Blanks can be bland as well as open vessels and the problem can also be that if people don’t feel for a blank than they can never quite see their more colorful aspects revealed.

Type 2 – The clown – I tend to use this a lot as the counter to a gentler character like a blank or shades of a blank. This is your Allisons, this is your Taras, Glorias, etc. Clown is actually a name I think TV Tropes gives as well. This doesn’t mean that the Clown is limited to levity but they tend to be free-spirited and fun-loving. Abby kinda falls into aspects of a clown but with a blank aspects and what I’m going to mention next.

Type 3 – The seeker – These are your characters with something of a goal in mind. It can be a villain, it can be a hero. How these might be distinguished from blanks would be that their seeking is a fundamental part of how they define themselves and what drives them. It colors their thoughts and their interactions. A seeker may be driven by something such as getting out of a place and getting home alive like Koral. Koral is much more of a seeker compared to the other characters in the Quest at this point. That doesn’t leave them as blanks. And characters can move from being blank to being silly to being seekers. Abby is a possible example. We have some funny dialogue to define her to start, she has some physical aspects displayed but is largely a mystery until you get further into the narrative and eventually becomes one of the most driven seekers I’m made when it comes to her dad.

There are more types but those are the main ones that come to be so far as central qualities. Now I like to think that no blank remains a blank as you move around the story, same as no clown remains a clown throughout the story. This task of going around these types and into others I haven’t mentioned allow a character to grow and become something fuller than what they first appear as.

This actually turned into a reflection on some aspects of characters. I will admit I start with a lot of blanks when I use a first person story. Are there any other types you’ve noticed in my works. I like the idea of Healers but I think that would also be reduced to a seeker who is centered on the well-being of others. Seeker is a pretty vast term though and it could easily encompass just about any character motivation so I would try to limit how broad I try to make it for the sake of letting some characters exist outside of it.

Basically, round your characters wherever you can. Reflect on yourself, reflect on others, test your limits and test the limits of your characters. That should about do it for character stuff.

I was going to hit upon style stuff but I guess I’ll save it for another day because I’ve gone on for a while. But yeah, if you see any other types of characters, feel free to chime in. I know there’s tropes made but take a look and see what you think.

Style elements
Plot elements
Subtextual elements

Those will be addressed in the next part of our ten part series “Writing: How do that?” Kidding. But I’ll keep going if people want to read my dribbles.


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Tonight dA just says "Screw your links tonight!" ...sorry. I just can't figure out how to fix the bad link. At least it still mostly works. X_X


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