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Food twister. Clever idea. I love how you use contrasting shapes (sharp and rounded) in your drawings to exaggerated effect. Now, I mus...

Right off, there's a bit of clashing tense which I see but I'll try to ignore it. @_@ That was...horny?...something like that. LOL. Nau...

...uh scare me. *tickles* But I'll read on...figured the ending was coming. Not a whole lot to say. I can see how this ...


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My Wife Is The Student Council President 3 and 4
Wakaba*Girl 4
Danchigai 3

This time around. Although Wakaba Girl is merely a third as long compared to other shows.

First off, the near-hentai show.

My Wife Is The Student Council President


It's kind of an interesting question about where a show becomes ecchi and where ecchi becomes hentai. What's your threshold? It's also interesting that this show kinda operates on a similar question of what is considered inappropriate and what is proper. The main girl is Free Love, just show the good and bad and dirty and crazy of love. That's kind of a cool message because she says, and I'm quoting so I don't have to use two screencaps here but you can find it in the album...

"Don't you think accepting love in its entirety, even the ugly parts, is a beautiful thing?"

Now, in another show which ran with that concept and actually gave a counter to the kind of shows we see in anime would not only earn that sentiment but be pretty cool in its subversion. Sadly, this show is not the kind of show you would hope it would be. It's still kinda trying at points but its riddled with cliches and other parts which are just there for no reason...but it still asks the question of what is lewd and what might be beautiful...

If that's your threshold for it...basically there is some interesting discussion about sexuality here and there. Experience and inexperience in particular...

This youthful inexperience is an interesting topic of exploration with the contrast of the one girl who is basically the purity police and the student council president who is throwing condoms at meetings. All I really know is Japan has some love problems and at least they're talking about it. It's not reaching quite the conversation it should but it's trying...

If I had a nickle for every time I've heard that...I'd have five cents. Basically, give me money for stuff I hear, please?

This is kind of a cute scene with how it starts out. There's a little bit of chibi deformation...

I dunno, I just like this character. Also she's had one and a half orgasms in the last three episodes so that's something. Considering so far there have been zero male orgasms...this is becoming a weird conversation, let's move on :p.

The censored version of the show has a fake Legend of Zelda scene but my censored version has...

Enough popsicles to give you a cold headache. In actuality she's just sucking on his finger but it was the perfect opportunity to practice with Paint.NET. Btw, I've gotten pretty decent with making such an annoying program actually do mostly what I want to do, so long as I don't care about quality/blending.

I shouldn't censor while hungry....that brat looks good. Again, it's just his finger but there was a SO LEEEWD drop of saliva. :p It's kinda funny because this show is all about non-censoring love but it is itself censored at points and here I am putting censor stuff on it.

Probably the most fun was trying to find stuff to put over images. Btw, there's no nipples shown. But...and I forget exactly...something happens. She gets the boy's knee in her crotch and that sets off the fireworks.

Kitten covers up all your orgasm faces!

And then we have...

TRIPLE CUPCAKE MADNESS! I wanted boob-shaped cupcakes but I couldn't find good ones online. This is pretty much the only scene which needed censorship. I left the face bare though. But we had a pair of pink nipples show up. And that was it. So that's another orgasm for her and zero for the boy :p.

What did I think? I'm really not watching this for any real value, I'm just watching it to censor it and see what the differences are from one version to the other. The funny thing is that Ranma 1/2 really had more nudity and sexuality than this show...there's not that much going on but it's fun to pretend it's really dirty...but we haven't seen the fourth episode yet...what will that be?


This may be the one I'm proudest of. That looks so much worse. In actually, the purity lady just has huge boobs and her short cohort is the table they're flopping on. She's completely clothed.

She's tearing apart the held hands of couples and it seems more like she's jealous. We get some back-story on her with being seen as competition and being isolated from the other girls due to her figure. It's pretty decent but it's still kinda half-hearted.

This was fun to make. Again, there is no reason to censor this, I just wanted to because the chicks made it so easy to copy and paste.

This show has some really adorable moments too. That's a cute screen catch.

So the purity girl catches up to the main boy and girl and they get stuck in the rain and the purity girl and the boy wind up having to duck into a love hotel to dry off...and then....

[SCENE MISSING]...heh. Actually the show often does the joke of a scene missing to introduce the more sexual parts. This episode actually has the funniest transition.

They take a cat and tie an image of the character to the leash. It's probably the cutest one so far. They just have the cat run around for a minute but keep all the original dialogue. In actuality, there isn't *that* much going on...

Guard dogs of the pointy nipples. Heh...and then we have the situation that someone left a small, pink-ish device on the table and the girl happens to turn it on.

It even kinda looks like a computer mouse. It's a vibrator. Previous to this she'd had her heart to heart about all this...

I forget the rest. But that sums up a lot of the conversation. She is kinda fighting against herself and her own feelings. Projecting and rejecting. It's all quite interesting at face value but the way the show couches all this doesn't really highlight the ultmate message so much...

Not that one, but more about be yourself. Let your sexuality be free. Enjoy those you love and let them feel enjoyment too. Indulge and see what happens. See if touching hands excites something. Don't suppress your emotions otherwise it'll lead to distress and suffering. This is probably more thought than the actual show was going for but that's the accentuation of its uneven message.

That pussy is flipping out! There actually wasn't much of anything to censor from this episode aside from the crotch-seeking vibrator that disappears down her clothes and she ends up throwing against a wall.

Unfortunately, we end on the other girl getting the wrong idea about the love hotel. I really hope they won't continue the misunderstanding because it's just really dumb to do something like that. Otherwise, these episodes were okay. The censor-worthy elements aren't near as bad as you'd be led to believe. It's an okay show with an interesting message but it's pretty inconsistent with how it's put before the viewer.

Here's the full album, NSFW at points.

Still a five out of ten on the MAL scale....

Next up is... Wakaba*Girl 4

EPISODE 4 - Level Up Maidenhood!

This show actually opened up cutely where the girls are meeting for their get-together. Some are early and some are late and then Wakaba seems to be a no-show, which is odd considering she was ready to die happy from the mere offer of being amongst other cute girls.

It's then we find out...she uhh...thought her wireless home phone was a mobile...and she's too far away now to get a signal. Fortunately, the other girls soon find her. And then this results...

Awww...the zapped girl is so happy. We continue as our zapped girl princess goes about otherwise normal things. She wants to go for ice cream again but they instead decide to meet up at one of their homes for fun.

I pretty much only saved the scenes of her being cute. She's unsure whether she has permission to enter. She gently puts her feet in the guest slippers.

Then she notices this on the floor once they've gone in...

Aww...and she wants to read it. But she has to look around and be very careful that no one sees her. Then Moe-tan is standing right there and she's embarrassed...

Obviously. She's a girl since being zapped into one. She can read girl stuff without needing to feel scared about it ^^.

Then they decide to make some food. And she's actually handling a knife for the first time. So rich that she's never made food on her own before. This little scene is one last moment I wanted to highlight...

Heh...they never even get to do that as Moe-tan winds up taking care of everything. Very controlling around the kitchen but at least the stuff turns out well. Compared to Wakaba's efforts that are charcoal the next day...

On the whole, this was a fun little episode which directly follows up the previous one. It would be part of the same episode if they were full-length. It was cute, it furthered the idea that Wakaba is actually a cute, rich boy transformed into a girl....but that's my own theory. It's amusing to see all that play out ambiguously.

Here's all the other ambiguously zapped girl images

Here's an unambiguous zapped girl...

And, for one final short...Danchigai 3


We get more on his eldest sibling who is kinda lazy and uses his room how she likes. I saw in a lot of comments about this show that there are elements of siblings which the show gets quite right. Like using your stuff or using your room and you can't really kick them out. Or it would be really rude. I dunno how true to life that is but it's an interesting touch which apparently some people out there connected with.

Of course, if I had a sibling I wouldn't cut them any slack.

Which is the first time that's been said in the history of anime.

And we get our lesson for this episode...

Truth. And that's about it. Lazy older sibling. Some stuff...there's not really that much going on but we do get something from the eldest sibling and that's kinda neat. Otherwise, this show is tolerable because it's so short. I'm tempted to drop it or not cap it because there's not a whole lot to say. I might take a single cap and use that. Or I may stop talking about it all-together. There's just not enough there for conversation. But feel free to talk about your siblings and stuff. And that's it for this...

Till next time, don't ever try more than two popsicles at a time, watch out for crotch-seeking arousal tools, wireless landlines are not mobiles, and siblings will be siblings.


Happy Zappy For All!
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