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FaceZap TG Comic by majorkerina FaceZap TG Comic :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 23 18
Abby - From Ice and Fire TG - Part 2.5
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire - Part 2.5
Abby leaned forward but any answer, any words, left her. It had been so long and she had thought of so many things to say. But, with all else stripped away, standing in that moment, she could find nothing. 
Demetrius squinted at her and asked calmly, "Do you know where my glasses are?"
A draft-besieged wobble of cowering flame settled in her heart, standing momentarily steady. Gail stood away from the light, her gaze averted. Abby pressed up from the counter, restrained what sniffles she could feel, and answered, "They broke."
They had, all those years ago. Shattered to the frames, just like her goggles. Marcus had bought an identical spare when she was young, which they both put away safely in a drawer in the attic of the Longbloom house. A long trek away, away from Demetrius.
He sighed heavily and responded, "And I'm in the hospital, I surmise?" Abby nodded promptly
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 5 20
Abby - From Ice and Fire TG - Part 2.0
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire - Part 2

"I can change things. I can fix them..."
Abby stood in the barn. She trembled and clutched tightly to a long, sharp shard of glass coated in red. Her dark gloves were soaked to the tone of deep pitch.
Struggling to stay on her feet, Abby looked at what she had done. Gertie slumped over on her side. No more words, no more noises at all.
Softly, Abby apologized, "I'll never have hamburger again..." Quivering, the shard slipped from her grip to the ground and splintered into dull fragments.
This time, she needed the bucket.
She sopped up her hot tears and sweat with a torn rag before burying her gloves deep in her pockets. They could be laundered later. Her left sleeve wore a small splatter which no amount of scrubbing in the corner sink could remove. She rinsed out her mouth and looked up at the shattered remains of the mirror above. Just the top corner of her hair and one, wide eye showed c
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 5 13
The Echoes Beneath Our Feet - Chapter 2
The Echoes Beneath Our Feet
Chapter II
Learning to Fly
"Once there was a young starling yearning to take its first flight. It was terrified. All its life, it had only lived in the great tree near the safety of the nest. But it heard the joyous words of other birds as they flew past. They told of delicious fruit trees, glorious mountains, and the brilliant sun above. The young starling had only ever known that which its mother had brought it. Despite its fear, it dreamed of flying."
The rough, scratchy sound of a page turning.
"So, one day, it found the clearest branch at the edge and gripped tightly. It had tested the wind lofting it across a branch with a frantic flutter. It had hovered from one branch to another. But it had no idea what was beyond the branches. It crept as far out as it had ever gone. It stumbled but caught itself dangling from the limb. It was now or never. So, it stretched forth its wings and launched from the branch,
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 7 3
The Echoes Beneath Our Feet - Chapter 1
The Echoes Beneath Our Feet
Chapter I - Childhood's End
Before I was even old enough to speak, Mother told me stories. Stories of diamonds which could sing in slow, bird-like melodies. Stories of cursed rocks that burned with poisons beyond any formula an alchemist could devise. Stories of ghosts that drifted the shallow seas and dragged down children who wandered too far from shore. Stories to warn me but I always smiled, giggled, and asked for more.
I turned over sands listening for diamonds. I crawled barefoot over strange rocks. I dove deep under the waves. But they were all just stories. Except for one.
The story of Etria, a town far in the East which lay beside a mysterious labyrinth of unnatural magic and mysteries no one could possibly answer. I had to go. I had to know.
"Burgundy Doramina Crystala!" Cried my mother when my eager words often outpaced my private thoughts about Etria. "An honor to me that you could ever forget silly stories and re
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 5 10
Cloudbust TG Comic - Page 2 Final by majorkerina Cloudbust TG Comic - Page 2 Final :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 17 5 A Relaxing TG Transformation Sequence by majorkerina A Relaxing TG Transformation Sequence :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 66 10 Pokemon Son and Mom TG Animation by majorkerina Pokemon Son and Mom TG Animation :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 83 7 He's A Lady TG Transformation Animation by majorkerina He's A Lady TG Transformation Animation :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 110 5 Cloudbust TG Comic - Page 1 Final by majorkerina Cloudbust TG Comic - Page 1 Final :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 14 4 Cloudbust TG - Page 12/End by majorkerina Cloudbust TG - Page 12/End :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 23 10 The Boy and Girl Who Are Each Other *Kimi no Na Wa by majorkerina The Boy and Girl Who Are Each Other *Kimi no Na Wa :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 56 15 Cloudbust TG - Page 11 by majorkerina Cloudbust TG - Page 11 :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 26 12 Cloudbust TG - Page 10 by majorkerina Cloudbust TG - Page 10 :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 27 5
Abby - From Ice and Fire TG - Part 1
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire

Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire - Part 1
Previously on The Abby Longbloom Tales
Abby Longbloom, young explorer of parallel worlds, has been searching. Ever since the sudden disappearance of her father many years ago, she has sought clues in the reality-altering ‘anomalies’ he used to research and what he’s left behind for her. After many long travels, she finally knows where he is but terrible things stand in the way of getting him back…
Leaving the strange, fractured Dark Forest of Mirrors, Abby and her friends land in an even-more-mysterious Desert which seems to stretch forever. Struck by a violent tempest, they seek refuge inside her time-space jacket pockets. However, this refuge soon becomes a prison. 
To escape, Abby and the others set off an explosion which liberates them but devastates the pocket.

Meanwhile, Iao, a malevolent, insect-like creature
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 10 16
Cloudbust TG - Page 9 by majorkerina Cloudbust TG - Page 9 :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 26 4

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TH - Yukari Scribble by Meari-chan TH - Yukari Scribble :iconmeari-chan:Meari-chan 23 6 TH - Magical Astronomy by Meari-chan TH - Magical Astronomy :iconmeari-chan:Meari-chan 36 2 Ranma Stamp by Aletheiia90 Ranma Stamp :iconaletheiia90:Aletheiia90 354 38 TH - Lunatic Princess by Meari-chan TH - Lunatic Princess :iconmeari-chan:Meari-chan 14 1
Cloud Cover - TG
Anne smiled at the clouds, lifting a finger up to drift through one. It breezed past her fingers as she flew by, a soft wetness.
"I always thought that it would be softer than that..." she whispered.
John didn't say anything. He never said anything, not even his name. Anne had named him; he hadn't objected yet.
She gripped onto his hand a little bit tighter, smiling to get rid of the lingering bits of disappointment. "You'd think I'd get over it - I mean, the clouds are never fluffy. But every time I find them wet... I remember that just because I imagine it, doesn't mean it's real. Just because I'm flying doesn't mean you can talk. How are we flying, anyway?"
She waited dramatically for John to speak, pouting a little when he didn't respond. People told her occasionally that eighteen was too old to pout, but she ignored them. It was silly to tell people they were too old to do something they were obviously doing.
"Besides," she added imperiously, "they can't fly, so they have no right
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 17 20
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Food twister. Clever idea. I love how you use contrasting shapes (sharp and rounded) in your drawings to exaggerated effect. Now, I mus...

Right off, there's a bit of clashing tense which I see but I'll try to ignore it. @_@ That was...horny?...something like that. LOL. Nau...

...uh scare me. *tickles* But I'll read on...figured the ending was coming. Not a whole lot to say. I can see how this ...


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A lot of Abby and Restful Sleep and a little gaming stuff. There are some really fascinating ganes out there that play with narrative and time all that in fascinating ways.

- Excited to show off Biffle the Wizard from the story.
- I felt stumped by how to show a happy character in the story. Kinda telling about my life. I decided that happy characters aren't simple Polyannas that ignore sad things but more about taking an active and tenacious approach to their lives in the face of adversity. Life itself is pretty adversarial but how you approach it is important.
- I kinda know this but putting it into sincere words is darn hard.
- An Hour Outside, A Year Inside is the best trope to reflect the key installment of the second series of Abby. Still a ways off especially with my recent creative mire, but good to explore for fun,


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