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November 9, 2010
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Cat Girl Fever

"Alan! Is that you? Please come over nyao…now…it's urgent!"

I was so surprised by my friend's sudden phone call that all I could answer was, "I'll be over right…right over, Joan."

She hung up and I clicked off the TV with the remote. It was going to some "BREAKING NEWS" graphic anyway. Knowing that station, it was probably another in a long line of pointless car chases which went on forever.

I tucked my cell phone in my pocket and threw on my shoes. Joan and Carl lived down the street from my apartment so it wouldn't be too far of a walk.

I crossed the street after a pair of emergency vehicles screamed through the intersection.

Their house was at the edge of a rather large tract. It had more grass than most and their Halloween decorations were still hanging in the window. As I approached the door, I looked around a few times.

I didn't see Clyde.

He was their silver tabby. And he absolutely hated me. The first time I came over to visit for a movie and some gaming, I could feel his dark, death-glare on my shoulder the whole time. Whenever I went looking for the bathroom, I had to step carefully because I knew he was waiting for his moment to lean out and become a stealthy obstruction. I tried to make amends a few times with gifts of food (which were vomited onto my shoes), toys (which were bounced into the trash), and catnip (which he simply pawed back in my direction).

Joan would lock Clyde in some far part of the house when I visited. But still, he somehow knew when I was around because he would begin to yowl and claw at the locked door like he was itching to tear me up.

I knocked a few times and waited. The door swung open quickly. Joan stood in the doorway wearing a knit hat on her head. With a strange, pawing gesture, she urged me to come in.

Inside, the house looked about the same as always. Joan leaned ahead and then back to me. Her gray eyes looked kinda odd. The color was more vivid and the black part was squished into an oval.

Watching her a moment, I had to ask, "Are you wearing contacts, Joan?"

Her head dashed back at my voice. She looked me over a moment before saying a quick, "Nyo…err…no."

Then she seized me by the arm and led me into the next room. I could see the gaming room through the doorway. There were still some remnants from our last session.

Joan guided me around and into the living room, where I had to stop and immediately say, "Whoa…"

Curled up on the couch was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, a woman with cat ears and a long, brown-furred tail behind her. I had a thing for catgirls. And she looked really well-done up. The ears were realistic and the tail almost seemed to move on its own. She was curled up on the end of the couch wearing only an oversized t-shirt. I recognized it was one of Carl's and my growing elation faded.

I swallowed and leaned over to Joan. "Did you…umm…find her with Carl?" Carl and Joan sometimes had fights but I couldn't imagine that Carl could cheat on someone as kind and geeky as Joan with a simple, pretty-faced cosplayer. Although, she was really pretty.

Joan frowned to me and said only, "Nyo…That is Carl." I watched Joan's eyes for a playful wink as some sign of what was going on. She looked completely sincere.

I tried to figure out what was going on. Joan had said she wasn't wearing contacts but her cat-like eyes and the state of this girl made me think some sort of kinky cosplay threesome had gone wrong. None of that fit into what I'd been told though.

With a sigh, I went over to tap the strange girl on the shoulder and see if she could explain any of this. Languidly, she stretched from her spot with her arms high. My eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets as her figure revealed itself as rivaling…uh…many I'd enjoyed in countless artworks.

Rubbing her eyes with her fingers bent in, she yawned widely and glanced around. It didn't take long for her to catch sight of me. Gleefully, she yelled in a high, child-like voice, "Alan! Yay! Are you here to play…nya?"

Swiftly, she leapt and wrapped her arms around me. Her head nuzzled at my chest and she made a sound very close to a purr. To say this was something of a dream made real for me, is to completely understate how badly I had to restrain myself from complete and explosive…embarrassment as I sat there and crossed the heck out of my legs. I even set my hands in my lap as best as her close embrace would allow me.

I looked back to Joan, who had her hands on her head as she softly whimpered. Before I could ask her what was wrong, she tore off her knit hat to reveal her ears shifting on her head and pushing through her hair.

I watched speechless as a pair of cat ears, just like the ones on the girl beside me, formed on her head. They turned and flexed as she panted. The color was the same tone as her dark hair, but with a couple patches of white here and there.

The ears weren't the only change. Her body, never terribly chunky, slimmed down even more. Her hips narrowed away and her breasts vanished. A small but noticeable shift in her groin told me all I needed to know. She was a catboy.

As he crouched, the last change gave him a snaking, glossy-obsidian tail which poked around the waistband of his pants and out. Looking sweaty and exhausted, the new catboy leaned against the carpet and curled up to rest.

The catgirl, who watched with me, scampered over to Joan's side and nuzzled his head softly. A sleepy purr came from the catboy.

I was rather proud of myself that I didn't pass out around then. Now, I know most normal people would scream something profane and run screaming from the house. But for me, it was pure awesome.

Still, I was confused as to how and why. I made my way around the happy, cat-like couple and to the TV. Remembering the "BREAKING NEWS" warning, I turned on the first news station I could find.

It was a bit like accidentally missing out on a zombie apocalypse. I didn't get most of it, but the frazzled newscasters mentioned some sort of cat parasite mutation. Human-feline hybrids. Gender changes. I had to pinch myself a little bit as I watched the new meteorologist catgirl hypnotized by a ball of yarn on the table.

My ecstasy was interrupted by a grumpy yowl. My old nemesis, Clyde, stood beside me. As our eyes met, he squinted at me a little, as though channeling the essence of Clint Eastwood. I gave him a little wave, which only served to increase his throbbing malice.

I pointed to the TV as they showed a cluster of catgirls grooming themselves in a park over some voice-over by doctors about infection rates or something. Clyde's glare didn't waver.

With a sigh, I walked back over to the living room and pointed to catboy Joan and catgirl Carl curled up next to one another and softly purring. Warily, Clyde lifted his head to the two of them. Then, he glanced back to me as though this was some sort of trick of mine.

I threw up my hands and asked, "Why do you hate me so? I love cats!"

Catgirl Carl purred a little louder. Clyde approached in a circular fashion with his head and tail down. He sniffed at Carl. While the small, busty catgirl was nothing like the usually-tall and muscular Carl, Clyde seemed to recognize her. He examined the altered, snoozing Joan with the same result.

Still distant from me, Clyde gave a little grunt. As if to say, "So what?"

I sighed and said, "Well, I'm gonna get myself infected too."

It sounded rather stupid as I heard it and there were plenty of urges inside me that still said the normal person reaction was a good idea. But I ignored them. This was what I'd been waiting for! Well, not precisely what I'd been waiting for. But weird, strange stuff never happened to me, especially working down at the pet store day-in and day-out.

I was gonna seize this little piece of opportunity while I could before the parasite unmutated or a cure was found or anything like that. Becoming a girl with cat ears and a tail wasn't really a personal goal but it also wasn't as though it could do anything detrimental to my 'sex life'.

But the quandary was how to get myself infected when the news had little idea about transmission. I rushed back over to the TV room for any further information. They were only showing the same repeated scenes of people running like crazy, holding burning sticks as they chased alley cats, and stomping on catnip crops.

I clicked it off and went back to the other room. I called out, "Carl?" Catgirl Carl looked up and watched me with bright-green cat eyes and asked softly, "Nyes?"

Keeping my eyes off her breasts, I told her, "I feel like I need some grooming or maybe a bath…" I didn't need to say more than that as she came over close and started licking me on the cheek. The licking seemed pleasant. I hesitantly licked a little back and that made her purr. I felt so perverted.

I didn't realize that Joan was awake until I felt another tongue brushing my face. He snuggled close against me with his slim form. I even felt little kisses from the two of them. Really different from our usual get-togethers.

All the while, I saw Clyde lurking in the back of the room, surely focusing horrible deaths upon me with his eyes.

After a couple minutes of this, I carefully disengaged myself from the two of them. They didn't seem to mind as they simply continued grooming one another. My face was still a little slick. Going against my every remaining hygienic impulse, flicked my tongue onto a wet spot on my cheek and swallowed.

Nothing happened, except for Clyde pacing nearby as visions of flaying me alive surely passed through his head. Pondering this negative result as the grooming continued, I turned my gaze to Clyde for a long moment. His eyes suddenly widened in the closest thing to terror I'd seen from him. He bolted.

I chased after him through room after room saying, "It's okay! I just want to lick you!" He went faster.

Eventually, I had him cornered over by his litter box. I paused. I recalled from materials at the pet store that the parasite (though in its pre-mutated form) was in cat feces. I bent over the litter box. I looked to Clyde. His mouth was opened in an expression I could only describe as, "What…the…fuu…." I was really tossing any hygienic pretense out the window.

As I was about to make my move, Clyde moved between me and the litter box. I gave him a kiss on the mouth which had us both spitting afterward.

I leaned back against the wall. As he scampered away, surely to groom himself like crazy and burn off his whiskers, I decided poking the remnants in the litter box would probably be enough, considering I really doubted that Carl or Joan did anything more than that.

With that done, I went back to the grooming couple in the other room and waited. The news station had gone to a test pattern, so that was no help. The same with all the other news stations. I didn't know the password on Carl's computer, so I was stuck for the moment.

Sitting there, I sighed and felt around. Nothing much seemed different but I had no idea of how long the infection took. From the nuzzling couple, Carl leaned up first and waved before announcing, "I wanna cook some fish! Want some, nya?"

I shook my head, although I was a little hungry. She ran into the kitchen. Soon after, a groggy catboy, with his jeans nearly falling off, followed.

I took a deep breath and waited. There was a bit of irritation at the back of my throat but I'd just swallowed saliva and kissed a cat. I tested my voice and urged out a cautious "nya?" but it felt forced and in my typical tone of voice.

Tapping on my knees, time passed. Clyde came around, scowling even more. The smell of fish drifted into the room and Carl, wearing Joan's cute apron, came over and asked, "Sure nya don't want any?"

I told her I'd be in later. But, before she left, I asked her, "You feel okay?"

She nodded vigorously, "I feel great!" She giggled and made little cat sounds to herself before heading back to the kitchen.

As I waited, the smell of the fish did become more appealing than ever. I could just imagine pouncing on and biting into it. That thought seemed like a good sign something was happening.

My ears felt a little tender and sensitive but otherwise hadn't changed. Then, it hit. Boy...did it hit.

It was like a steamroller over my entire body. Not negative like a cold but like something was inside me. Clyde wandered over and seemed to watch. The first changes came in my throat. I stood and staggered over to the bathroom.

Panting, I spoke. My words were higher and that cute little 'nya' came as automatically as breathing. I watched my ears press around the side of my head and up top. They had the sandy-blond fur and texture of my hair, which grew longer and longer against my back. My ears turned with a strange, new muscle in my head. My face smoothed away and the yelping little sounds I made got higher and more like Carl's now.

My hips pressed against my pants and I quickly shed them. The changes in my groin felt wistfully pleasant. The same was true of the new, subtle formation of my chest. My head bobbed and I felt an automatic purr. My tail came out last. It was so nyyice. So wonderful.

In the mirror, I was so much shorter, even shorter than Carl. And I had a small but snuggly figure which would look so nice curled up nyext to her big one. My shirt covered me down to my knees. I twirled a bit and stretched my tail.

The smell of the fish was sooo alluring. I hoped we would still have some really fun games. As I moved to run over to the kitchen, Clyde was standing in the doorway. He looked at me with the most adorably confuseded look. Hehe. I bent next to him and scratched his head with my finger. He looked like he was going to run away. Awwww…nya.

I whimpered a little and looked at him with wide eyes. After a moment of looking and snyiffing me over, he leaned forward and I gave him the bestest rub ever. I wanted to groom him too but I knew he'd be too shy.

Looking at me again…he gave a little sound like a sigh…and rubbed against my leg.

I giggled and purred. Clyde liked me! Clyde liked me!

I twirled my pretty, sandy-blond tail and hugged Clyde.

With him in my arms, I ran to the kitchen, hoping that there would still be plenty of tasty fish for me, as a happy 'nyaaaaaaaa' passed through my thoughts.
Meow =^-^=.

This is meant to be fun and least so far as cat girl apocalypses go.

The parasite is inspired Toxoplasma gondii, which supposedly does change the brains of human beings and their personalities. Scary stuff.

Hope you enjoy though.
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Well, first off, I am required to state that the parasite has not been proven to actively influence human thought.

(...Are that cats gone yet?)

Seriously, though, I love the story. :) It's brilliant, it's cute, it's sweet, and it's totally you. It's a fun little TG of the sort you're known for, and the sort I'd recommend to a DD if I hadn't already done Mecchen House - something that shows clearly your pride as a writer doing TG, and your love of all things cute.

Honestly, though, I"m not sure what more to say about it; It's a wonderful story. I love it.

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alimanac Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  New member
Absolutely love the story, any chance of another story set in the same universe, just with different characters and storyline? Thanks!!
majorkerina Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Writer
I'm doing a story called "Nekomancer" next which will involve similar things ^^.
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Amazing story
majorkerina Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks ^^.
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Lick a cat? I don't think they need help with that... It's a cute story.  Love the cat girl theme.
majorkerina Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks ^^.
KatieTheSnowFox Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
i like it i like the Cat Transformations especially the boy to girl to cat ones but my fav animal is the fox u should do a fox version of this story ^^
majorkerina Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Writer
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Cute!! I love the idea of being part cat!! It is so fun!
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