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June 29, 2010
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Your Sequence

"Hi. I'm here to be transformed into a girl. I have all the required paperwork."

Nate set a small novel of forms on the silvery counter. As he feared, the office appeared empty.

He pressed his hands into the deep pockets of his black trench coat and tapped his heavy-soled shoes. Having come this far, he resolved to wait.

The room was surprisingly-spacious for something so far underground. A wire mesh covered gray cabinets and lockers. A colorless fan turned slowly from the ceiling. A large, white circle was painted on the floor in front of the counter. And there was not a chair to relax on in sight.

Nate cracked his neck and leaned on the counter. No chairs he could see behind there either. The counter was impeccable, clean, and devoid of papers, pencils, clips, or any of the usual stuff expected of offices.

It did have on the front, in painted letters, the words, "Office of Gender Transformation."

After exhausting all the stretching and leaning he could do, Nate pressed his face against the counter and groaned.

"Did you double-check the paperwork? Hate to have to send you back." The words came from right in front of him, smooth and crisp with a faint accent.

Nate looked up to see a woman standing over him. She held a Styrofoam cup of coffee in her hand and took a quick sip. Though she loomed over him just a moment before, when Nate stood fully, she was barely over five feet. She was dressed in the same silvery uniform that everyone wore in this place which looked like something out of the Empire from 'Star Wars' crossed with a jet pilot's jumpsuit.

Her face was lean, but not angular, with accenting eyebrows and long, brown hair woven with strands of aquamarine which looked like thin necklaces of jewels. The coloration would've surprised Nate, had he not seen that feature in a myriad of colors on the other personnel in the complex.  

Reaching under the counter, the woman pulled out a folding chair and sat on it.

With a breath, Nate clenched his mouth and said, "Yeah. I think it's all okay."

Her eyebrows aching, the woman set the paperwork in front of her and said, "Then I'll be your caseworker. Call me Carulea."

Nate frowned but slowly nodded.

Carulea glanced at the first page and went through confirming the basic information with Nate. She eventually worked her way through every item of medical, family, and psychological history.

Then, new paperwork from behind the counter. Carulea somehow found a pen and began, "Since you included your preferred physical features after transformation, this should be easy. Just a couple dozen more pages."

Nate grimaced. He'd already been here for hours. Carulea gave him a little smirk and noted, "Just a few minor items….Do you want an instantaneous transformation where the change occurs with no interlude, where it occurs over several days or weeks, or where it happens in a few minutes?"

It didn't take long for Nate to tell her that he wanted a quick sequence but wanted to experience all the changes. After a bit more, they ironed it out to about three minutes.

"Any mental elements involved? Insertion of female memories, mannerisms, or suppression of current memories?"

Nate shook his head. He didn't like any tinkering with his mind.

"Now…everything is done via nanites…but would you like a particular theme to your transformation sequence? Some prefer a magical element, some item involved, a particular method."

Nate shrugged. He'd long imagined the ways it might happen but so many possibilities shifted around in his thoughts that he was tongue-tied. Carulea rested her chin on her hand and noted, "A popular one is a common food or pill ingested to begin the process. That sound okay?"

With some thought, Nate nodded.

Carulea looked over a particular item. "Because of your notations in one section, you'll be given a particular clothing shift based on your choices. Your clothing you wear now will be irretrievably lost. Your identification transition may take up to four weeks but you will be given a temporary card till you receive your permanent, updated one through official sources."

Nate didn't remember a part about what clothes he wanted to wear afterwards but he was getting so tired of all the long forms that he just warily nodded his head.

The rest of the questions passed over Nate till Carulea tapped the papers on the counter and smiled.

"Please step into the white circle."

Nate felt a sudden flash of energy flood him, like adrenaline tinged with emotional charge shocking him out of listlessness. His knees trembled as he stood in the spot.

He tried to breathe normally but it seemed impossible as shivers kept flowing through his skin.

This time, Carulea didn't pull something from behind the counter. She walked away to the back of the room and unlocked part of the wire mesh and one locker. She returned with a heavy, gray box resembling a camera without the lens. On the top was a single, red button. She pressed it and waited.

Nate expected to feel some odd tingling right then but all he felt was a bit of cramping in his stomach. A moment later, a side-panel on the box slid open and a single, violet olive rolled out.

Carulea passed the olive to Nate. He eyed it carefully.

She encouraged, "You can eat it. But first, would you like a mirror to view the entire sequence?"

Nate nodded again, still examining the olive, and she wheeled out a full-length mirror from the back of the room.

Carulea added, "I can also record it on camera for posterity." Nate declined.

With another breath, Nate popped the olive in his mouth and swallowed it whole.

In the moments after it slid down his throat, nothing felt that different. As he was about to speak, his throat clenched. His heart raced.

The first changes he could feel were around his face. He found himself torn between monitoring his reflection and trying to sense the differences. His eyes, cosmetically-altered along ago to be reddish, cooled from their scarlet hue to light blue.

His nose and mouth tickled next. His nose slimmed on the sides and its bridge shortened. How the air flowed through it felt different. With his mouth, his lips swelled a little, a touch more pink showing than usual. The change was subtle but made Nate feel more of a girlish presence around his face.

That presence spread quickly to the rest of his features, rounding out the manly shape of his head and brushing away the rough hairs. The smoothness shivered across his skin, to his suddenly-hairless arms and places he could only feel with glossy sensitivity.

His girlish head and androgynous softness made his knee quiver a little. He fought the natural urge to arousal because he knew Carulea was watching him from the counter.

Next, Nate's black hair spouted like a watered bush. The unkempt curls straightened and dark amethyst glimmers threaded their way through. This surprised him but he didn't mind because he enjoyed the color.

He marveled as his hair flowed down his back. It felt surprisingly heavy. He smiled a little at how beautiful it looked, especially with the pleasant look to his new face.

His reduction is size came next. He wobbled a moment from the sensation of slowly sinking but his legs remained steady. Everything loomed around him like he was melting and it kept growing till he was just a little taller than Carulea. His hands looked so tiny compared to before. His dry skin felt well-moisturized and his arms were slender.

In the mirror, he turned to look as his slimmer shoulders and narrowed waist. In his shoes, his feet felt so strangely tiny. Despite all the shifts, his clothes still fit perfectly.

After a momentary breather to absorb how cutely-small his body had become, his felt his hips push out. Lifting his shirt and pushing aside his coat, he could see a tracing of girlish fat flowing around his side. It traced not only his hips but around his thighs and legs, as far as he could see. Though a subtle shift, it made him look much more feminine, even in his boyish clothes, especially with the new contours of his legs.

A less subtle shift arrived when his rear started to swell with pronounced cushioning. He tried to catch sight of its curving shape as he scanned his figure's reflection.

His heart sped again and he froze in his little turns of examination with a persistent press right at his groin, which made him suddenly gasp in a voice much higher than before. The press not only remained but increased. It wasn't painful but the sensation defied his ability to process. As the texture and muscular feelings shifted, he felt himself on the edge of something. It kept pressing him insistently onward.

He monitored the feeling as it worked its way closers and deeper inside him. The groin he'd always known relented to the pressure and spread with tingles and feelings that filled all his thoughts.

Perhaps due to nanites or perhaps due to his own feelings, the transition felt quite natural for him as his underwear's texture and form moved to better suit…her now.

She peeked down the front of her rippling shirt as her trench coat drew into the cloth at the same time. Her nipples pressed out, wider and thicker. Seeing her breasts form was a rush for Nate but not in the ways than she expected. Watching them fill out and reshape her flesh brought tingles and sensations different than all the fantastical imaginings she'd had before.

When they finally stopped, the tingles seemed to equalize. Her nipples were vastly changed but, at the same time, Nate could still feel a connection to them. This was her body. And sensing all the shifts between her legs kept the same connection.

For her, the fantasy wasn't the same as the reality, but she didn't feel even an inkling of regret.

Then, she noticed her clothes.

Her undergarments had already changed to a perfect fit but her jacket and pants had moved from black to gray. Before long, Nate knew what they were becoming. When all the changes finished, she was dressed in the same outfit as Carulea.

Before Nate could ask, Carulea held up a particular form from the application papers and said, "There's an item, sometimes overlooked. You filled out the section of the form marked 'employment status' as 'unemployed but looking'. According to recent new deregulations, our organization has the right to recruit any recent transformees who don't sign the waiver related to item TG-B4. I was required by our policy not to point out the omission until now."

Additionally, Carulea explained that, while this meant Nate was reimbursed for the cost of the transformation, he was automatically and contractually part of the organization's staff for a period "not less than one year".

Carulea diverted from the official materials and gave Nate a soft smile. "For what it's worth, they got me too. At least the pay is decent…oh and if you need some time in the restroom…to get yourself acclimated to yourself…it's behind me and around a round ventilation unit."

Nate tried not to blush.

Carulea leaned forward.

"Don't worry. I love my job here. And so will you when you report in tomorrow."
A TG sequence story for :iconneito56: ^^V. Hope you like it!

And thanks to the :iconthedarkneon: dude *ZAPS* cute lady...who helped me find Neito's new account so I could tell him *ZAPS* her that I wrote this tale for her ^^.
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GoodKittyNyanchan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconkyokokyutplz: Except for the part where she's tricked into employment, this is similar to how my Peppermint Foundation does things-nya.  :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:
majorkerina Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Writer
^_^ Cool.
eternalobserver Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
I noticed that Carulea was definitely acting in a professional manner, but also maintained a certain sense of decency (if you will) that I normally don't see in employees often found working at a TG related company, office or some other group that makes it's business taking advantage of other peoples carelessness or curiosity and even going so far as to take people off the streets or from their homes (and even get some kind of messed-up enjoyment out of it too).I might be wrong, but that's just my take on this. She certainly has my respect! If this place really existed and I was considering a TG, this would definitely be my choice. Even if it did mean getting tricked into employment. Great story by the way! :D Sorry if that comment was too long-winded (Bows apologetically).
majorkerina Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student Writer
^_^ Thank you! I'd almost forgotten I wrote this.
eternalobserver Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
No problem! :D And Congrats! :D
bob30009 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
what a great company. Tricking peopleb into getting jobs.
majorkerina Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Student Writer
LOL ^^ Yup.
Puppy-eater Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010  Student General Artist
Hmm...I'd like to see a continuation of the story.
majorkerina Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010  Student Writer
Hmm...well...not sure how I would continue it though.
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting story. Maybe I should visit...
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